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Alif Tunisie

The company Alif s.a was administratively created in 1982. Brake fluid was at that time the only product marketed by the company. To do this, a partnership was concluded with the company BP on the technical and innovation level. In 1991 and in its development strategy, the company had to diversify its range of products which extended to Coolant, Water for batteries, Windshield Washer, Auto Shampoo and Additives. Given its strength in the local market, the company has taken the first steps to export, visits and prospecting from several countries including Algeria, Morocco and West Africa. The export turnover represents more than 50% of its turnover. Obtaining ISO certification in 1999 has strengthened the image and reputation of the company with these customers internationally. The total tonnage realized by Alif s.a varies between 1500 and 2000 tons depending on the exports carried out. The company Alif s.a intends to increase its export market share in new target countries. Alif s.a intends to increase its share of the export market in new target countries. The company Alif certified
ISO 9001 TUV since 1998 is specialized in the manufacture of liquids of friens coolants, ice cream washers, water for batteries and car shampoos etc ...
We export 52% of our turnover to several countries such as Algeria, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Morocco, etc
We produce 4,000 tons of coolants annually, divided into several types of qualities, and 1500 tonnes of friens liquids
divided into two grades. We confidently consider that our collaboration and partnership is a perfect success for the following reasons:
- The first and most important reason is that we are already making a respectable turnover with gas stations
Shrll thanks to our distribution force and our rolling stock which covers the entire territory, your discount will therefore be
most important.
- Our company has several other items which are selling very well in the market such as rugs,
steering wheels, polishes, magic trees, additives, all these varieties of products that you allow
to deal with a single solid supplier and face to face.